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10.30-15.00 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Monday and Sunday can open for appointments any time on request.

Also Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings available on request.

April till September shop will close at 5.00.

Wednesday closed as I am in Machynlleth Market.

Crystal Fountain

A haven of crystals and jewellery. We also offer massage and non-touch therapies for healing mind, body and soul.

Our shop sells all kinds of crystals, gems and stones used for decoration and crystal therapy. We can also order particular crystals if we don’t have them in stock. These include pendulums, wands, pendants and stones for crystal healing. We sell jewellery too, made from crystals: rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets and we supply beads, pendants, gems with holes and all you need to make your own necklaces and bracelets. Can arrange jewellery making workshops either at shop or elsewhere. We also sell wood crafts and some rustic furniture to order made by my partner Aaron Oke.

As part of the shop I have a therapy room for all sorts of massage and healing: Aromatherapy Massage (advanced level), Swedish body massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuro-muscular technique, Deep Tissue, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Facials, and Reiki. I can help treat muscular tension, spasms and injuries. I have been qualified in the field of health and beauty for 10 years but my interest, knowledge and skills go back as far as I remember.

My main field of expertise is in mental health. I offer relaxation techniques and aromatherapy massage blends to help with depression, anxiety, sleep problems, addiction and substance miss-use related issues and past-trauma related problems. Can also help treat bi-polar mood problems. I mainly use aromatherapy essential oils, massage and Reiki healing together with problem solving and emotional coping skills. Learning to identify unhelpful thinking and how to change that is very important. I have some training in counselling and have great listening skills. Reiki is also a good place to start as sometimes people’s energetic field and chakras need balancing.

As well as healing with massage and Reiki, I also work in Ffynnonwen on a Monday where I can dispatch herbal and homeopathic remedies and supplements.

I can help treat all sorts of health problems ranging from the average cold to more complex conditions. I am undertaking a diploma in allergy therapy so I am able to perform allergy testing based on kinesiology. I can do this at the shop and I can have medicines and supplements from Ffynnonwen sent to people’s home. I would say I am a natural healer/health practitioner.

So I use a combination of holistic massage techniques, knowledge, dowsing, natural medicines and talking therapies to treat the person as a whole.

With just a little bit of help we are all able to heal ourselves. Come and have a look! xx

Don’t be put off by the average massage price as I give discounts if you are on a low income. This can be discussed in first session. Also gift and massage vouchers are available.

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14 stall holders sell their wares from the Market Hall, offering a wide range of goods including: antiques, binoculars, books, clothes, computers, curiosities, fishing tackle, flowers, gifts, homemade cakes, oriental goods, picture framing, soft furnishings, toys, vinyl records and much more. 

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Trading History

From time immemorial an open market had been held around the old Town Hall which was situated on the present Town Clock site. In 1823 at the Easter Court Leet, before Job Sheldon, Mayor, the Jury granted to Morris Davies, Thomas Williams, James Morice, Rice Jones, John Sheldon and John Lewis, all of the Town of Aberystwyth...

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